Open Virtual Network 进程作用

ovn 有两个运行进程,以下为作用。

The Daemons

  • ovn-northd

    • Converts from the high-level northbound DB to the run-time southbound DB.
    • 从高层北向数据库转换到南向运行数据库

    • Generates logical flows based on high-level configuration.

    • 基于高层(抽象)配置生成逻辑流表
  • ovn-controller

    • Register Chassis and VIFS to southbound DB
    • 在北向数据库注册 Chassis (底盘 ,ovn新增的概念)以及 VIFS ( Virtual network interfaces ) 信息
    • Converts logical flows into physical flows ( ie,vif UUIDs to openFlow Ports )
    • 转换逻辑流表为物理流表( 如转换虚拟网络接口为 openFlow 接口 )
    • Pushes physical configuration to local OVS instance through OVSDB and OpenFlow
    • 通过ovsdb与OpenFlow协议往本地ovs进程推送物理配置